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Twins the Serendipitous Serval
Twins the Serendipitous Serval

Nice avatar brah. I can’t believe no one did that scruffy coat thing besides me though :\.

Again, I don’t see myself as much of a presence on this forums, outside of Poni General, where every is special in their own little way, any more than someone like Quantum or Russian, but I could be wrong.

People person? Might you have been looking for extrovert? I consider myself to be one, despite my customary initial diffidence.
I find that to be sort of a misnomer though. Human beings are, after all, social creatures, and though some may be less gregarious than others, as a whole, you might as well consider us all extroverts. I’d wager that even those hikikomoris out there would relish being accepted into a social group if they could. Cuz dat’s just human nature (you can tell I’m almost as good as you with this psychology stuff).

“You may not have the social status that Natsuru, Verbose or Randomman have. You have a way to go to reach their level. "
Wha, who said I wanted to be them? I actually find their situation to be quite pitiable, having to carefully manage each and every one of their post, lest they lose face due to an anatomically incorrect drawing, a specious argument, or a failed joke. It feels good to have that freedom, you know? I’m only in it for the kramaz anywayz (almost at 2000 net!) I’m not some Mex-like being who can just go and ingratiate myself into the forums in 10 seconds flat.


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