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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Verbose, I’m about to take off for a bit, but before I go, I’ve been meaning to ask: based on the statistics you’ve both compiled and seen, do you think people on the internet find timid characters such as Hanako and Fluttershy the most attractive out of their source materials because of personal identification with these unassuming attributes? In other words, do people find themselves in harmony with these characters, and therefore see them as attractive?

Sources: This (a neat graph, though I don’t know much about the survey itself outside of this presentation).

And, your very own survey, which I suppose you don’t really need to be linked to. Hanako was more dominant in the items in which she “won” (for lack of a better term), whereas Fluttershy “won” the favorite character question by a very narrow margin. Still, though, the important part is that it appeared she is the relative majority favorite.

Based on the similarities of these characters, and on the data you have, whaddaya think? Is this the internet very clearly admitting to its own timidity and insecurity? Or am I full of crap?


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