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True, subtle stuff isn’t really bothered with, same for me. When bringing it up in the IRC, it was the general opinion as well we shouldn’t really bother with it as long as it doesn’t go overkill.

But when it reaches the levels of for example Twins’ Jamie Dubs or Alejandro’s previous “Rev up those fryers”, we could agree that it was just a bit too much to be funny. Having too much java on your wall was more annoying than an improvement, regardless of us allowing it (not liking it doesn’t equal not allowing it, you seem to forget this). But also, as long as there are people who like it, it doesn’t matter that much.

I can understand your autoplay argument, it was brought up in the IRC as well. But autoplays commonly aren’t annoying, it’s just a song that person likes and which others could agree with. But do you think people would like a fuckhuge amount of loud vuvuzelas being put on autoplay (and hidden) on a profile wall? No, they’d find it annoying.

That’s basically how it is. Your Starcraft theme is the good yet subtle theme people like and aren’t bothered with, like any regular song put on autoplay on a wall. Alejandro’s previous “Rev up those fryers” is loud vuvuzelas hidden and on autoplay.

(Also, at this point it might be best to point out. I was drunk when I made that first post regarding this topic.)


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