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We’ve just closed the most recent survey, so I could run some preliminary descriptive statistics to see how people responded, but that won’t be until tomorrow.

As for your hypothesis, it’s the same as mine. Our first survey actually found that Twilight Sparkle was the favorite, but Fluttershy wasn’t far behind. And I do think that people like Fluttershy, because many people relate to her. Many people in Web Culture are kinda geeky. Many people have said they’re depressed and don’t have many friends. You hear that from many teens, but I don’t think I’ve heard it from so many (going from lurking in Pony areas everywhere and from your thread on Personal Flaws.)

I’ve also noticed that many users have Asperger’s. Going by Asperger Syndrome General (yes, we had that.) And actually, several people have said that Fluttershy probably has Asperger’s, the two I know of actually have Asperger’s themselves, so maybe people do like her because they feel like they can relate to her. I mean, that’s partially why I like Twilight Sparkle.

…The other…part being her mane but that’s besides the point.

I don’t think it’s a far-fetched guess at all.

And if you’re gone by the time I sent this, then please take care of yourself. And come back by to say “Hey,” even if you can’t come back for a longer period of time.


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