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Ann Hiro
Ann Hiro

The Irony of your wall post burns like a hammer against hot iron forging a new shape to the once shapeless mass. I find your most recent wall post on my wall extremely ironic. It can almost be considered satire actually. That simply changing the way I post can change the opinions of individuals, and masses alike. To you I was just an annoying pest at one point. Now that I made a “U” turn in my posting dynamics, you like the me of now to the point of deciding to follow me, and becoming friends on KYM.
People have told me that I sound like a mod. Does changing the length, and diction of ones post affect status? If so, and I confess, I would have done so much earlier.
Some have accused me of not being the owner of this account. What kind of person would steal such an account, if willingly know it’s history? Would a person try to perform a miracle of turning this once lowly user into a well respected member of the community? All in all it is just the same man behind the keyboard for the last two, and a half years.
Remember the ellipses I always added to my sentences? All those represented thoughts, and clauses that I was too lazy to type.
I also wager you enjoyed this wall post as much as I typed it.
So a bid you adieu.


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