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There’s really nothing better than starting your day with a little Bach, it’s like drinking a cup of strong, pure coffee. I hope you enjoy.

This piece actually has an interesting history. It’s the second work out of Bach’s celebrated “Well-tempered Clavier”, a selection of 48 preludes and fugues for solo keyboard. See, Bach was alive during the time of an interesting debate in music, the debate of tempered tuning vs. Just intonation. Basically, it’s impossible for any kind of fixed pitch instrument (think piano or fretted guitar) to play with all its notes perfectly in tune with each other, and there was a debate raging as to which notes should be out of tune. The prevelant tuning up to this point was just intonation, wherein all the ‘main’ intervals are kept perfectly in tune with each other at the expense of the more remote intervals sounding absolutely horrendous.


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