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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

I may as well give you a bit of backstory, I’ll give you the short version

In February 2012, a surge in Forever Alone popularity made FA the No.1 most view gallery

Some guys happened to be proud of MLP being No.1 (which it was most of the time) and took a punch to the ego so they argued was that some butthurt anti-brony must be using a bot to bump up FA views just to knock MLP of the top spot.

The admins investigated and found nothing suspicious but people believed the conspiracy and a wave of hysteria took over. People started coming over to the FA page to protest the overtake

We discussed this on the PG thread, and came to the same conclusion you did. There was no proof of malice, only hysteria. That led to me making that 1st top comment

The message got across. That same day we got people to calm down and the complaints ceased. One month later MLP retook its position and nobody cared anymore

However, Unicornosaurus’s top comment keeps reminding people that it happened.


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