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Ah, celtic folk music. I really enjoy the instrumental pieces of that genre.

And now for a musical element that makes EVERYTHING better!


Seriously, pick just about any genre, and add a full orchestra there, and it’ll be godlike in most cases. This applies extremely well to metal, since there’s nothing like heavy and powerful rythm, backed up by a full orchestra.

I was going to pick the song Deae Lunae by Makkon to represent this genre, but since you are a “miniature equine enthusiast”, I’m pretty sure you have already listened to that, since it’s pretty much THE best song this fandom has come up with so far.

So, I decided to present you with some Touhou orchestral instead. There are numerous mind blowing orchestral pieces to be found there, but since I can add only one, I’ll add one of my personal favourites. If you want to find more great songs like this, try searching for Touhou songs by “Tutti Sound” and “WAVE”.

Heian Alien – Tutti Sound


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