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Fun Police
Fun Police

Thank you adding me to the entries!
Entry statuses
Bitches Don’t Know--I did some work on it this morning. Still not as good as I’d like it to be, but I’ll go back in for more later.
Exploitables--I’ve still only done a little bit, needs a lot more work.
So Good/Feels Good--Desperately needs work, planning on a total rewrite.
Overconfident Alcoholic--I did some work on this one this morning as well, looking good overall.
New Entries
Sweetie Belle Derelle
This Is Relevant To My Interests
Sheltered College Freshman
Spaghetti Cat
Anxiety Cat

(I was really surprised when I saw how much work LOLcats needs. It hasn’t been touched in 2 months, and it’s a stub paragraph and a couple of images. It’s missing a bunch of notable developments and important information on sub-memes and cat subculture.)

Again, I’m willing to help with all of these entries, and I have new things to add and clean-up work for all of them (I only request editorship when I’m sure I can help.)

Thanks again,

Fun Police


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