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Well, if you haven’t heard Deae Lunae yet, then go listen to it right nao. Since your song of choise was so long, I might as well sneak this song into today’s schedule too, to make us even.

It’s an orchestral rework of a song that was a barely recognizeable corrupt version of the MLP Main Theme. I cannot help but to love that song. It’s got tons of emotion and class, and it definitely takes “brony” music to a whole new level.

I was actually going to introduce you to some good jazzy tunes later this week too, but since you already like jazz to some extent, I’m in trouble of finding a suitable choise for you. I’ve got four good songs to choose from. One’s sort of electronic type of jazz, one is a bit more “street funk” type (apparently), one’s late night sorta melodic jazz, and one’s a bit more experimental (but weirdly awesome anyway).


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