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I had real difficulty in choosing a suitable song for you from this genre, since I had to choose between 8-Bit, chiptune, 16-Bit, and remastered versions. I also didn’t want to use songs from better known titles such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

But after some consideration, I ended up choosing a 16-Bit Super Nintendo song from Terranigma. I was going to present you with the overworld theme of the game, but since I brought up the ending themes, an ending theme you shall have.

The Way Home ~ Ending Theme – Terranigma

This might not be my favourite song of the game, but it’s definitely the most emotional. Just try to imagine the impact it’s going to have on a person who played through the entire storyline. The top comment on the video sums it all up pretty well, but it still requires the background of the story itself, to be fully appreciated.


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