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And now it’s time for the fourth Music Buddies song, and the genre of music that I grew up with.

Videogame music.

Since game consoles always had limitations due to their music chips and such, the composers had to do things differently back in the day. Videogame music is mostly based on extremely catchy melodies that play in your head after you’ve stopped playing the game itself, and songs that define the characters of the story, and the levels of the game.

This is a troublesome genre, since if you haven’t played the game itself, it might be difficult to find the same emotion in a song, that a player did. One of the most important songs in the genre, are the ending themes, since they are the ones that ultimately stay with you, and give that one great big memory of the game you just completed.

Unfortunately modern videogame songs have lost this quality due to evolution of music, so videogame music is very nostalgic, and person driven.


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