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Yeah, videogames actually sparked my own interest towards playing music too. I started playing the keyboard inspired by the song World Revolution from Chrono Trigger a few years back, and I’ve been playing the keyboard ever since.

I’m not all that good, mind you. But I do it because it’s fun. I don’t need to be a pro to enjoy playing. And the simple melodies of videogame music are really rewarding, since they sound good without being too complicated to learn (in most cases).

And I haven’t actually watched Extra Credits. I came to that conclusion on my own.

And modern game music being more movie like and atomospheric, is exactly the problem. It’s not worse, but it does not have the same catchiness, impact, and clarity.

It just flies by, and is forgotten.

I’d love to talk more about videogame music, but since your musical prowess far exceeds mine, I would probably end up blurting some stupid uneducated statement, and make myself look stupid.

Your knowledge of classical music and terminology already proves that, whereas Holst’s Planets (like I mentioned) is the only classical piece that is close to earth enough for me to be understood and appreciated completely.


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