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I facepalmed so hard that that comment had such a high rating.

Muslims aren’t a united and joint thinking group.

The ones that are moderate and reasonable get offended when people group them in with extremists. Just because the radicals (a minority) do very rash, violent things doesn’t mean that the entirety of muslims agree with that course of action.

1% of a population that is radical can have a bigger impact than the 99% that is moderate (Metaphor, not saying that 99% of muslims are moderate)


in reply to Ranma Saotome

Because every single Muslim in the world can be in one riot, and no other ethnic group or religion has acted similarly.

Just because there may be “crowds” of a group rioting, doesn’t mean that all members of that group do the same thing. You can have extremely radical/violent members AND moderate/peaceful members of the same race/religion.

You can’t generalize such a broad group of people.

P.S. Thanks for paying for my funeral, those usually cost a lot, how are you going to pay?


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