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In response to your FiM-article comment post, that system to catch dupes is in place. However, due to slight alterations in quality, size, and the source defined in the data for the image, the same image can still be uploaded.

It’s a limitation of coding here, but James (our coder among playing other roles) is working on a lot of other things behind the scenes. Fixing the system (and images…) is pretty low on his priority list.

It’s better to just ask users to learn the gallery (yes, all 100,000 images…because someone is having to do that themselves to mark the duplicates right now and it shouldn’t be his responsibility alone.)

I think that a better tagging system would fix matters too. Uploaders haven’t usually tagged their images, so no one can look up tags to see if that “Twilight Sparkle” image with a “raincoat” and “umbrella” has been uploaded before. If users had tagged their images regularly, then I could look up the image with those tags and know “Oh, that image is right here. Nevermind.” or “Hm. I don’t see this image I have under these tags. I think I can upload this.”

So yeah. Better duplicate identification would help, but users being responsible about what they upload and how they tag would help even more.


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