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As for your tune, I was trying to figure out a chiptune to let you hear. It’s kinda hard to actually find something that might best exemplify all of my tastes and preferences for a style or genre.

Quick story. I came to learn about chiptune when listening to different versions of Chocolate Rain and Never Gonna Give You Up. One guy named Kita Keru (and other names) made an 8-bit version of Astley’s hit, and Coda (named Coda at the time) made a chippy cover of Chocolate Rain. I found a link to his profile on a website called 8bitcollective, and found a ton of his other music. After listening to ALL of his songs there, I floated around listening and downloading artists music, including names like sylcmyk, smh, beek, and Joule (artist above.) This is one of the first songs I heard from him.

Train of Thought would be my favorite though.

I’ll probably hit up something more recent and something from the 90’s for the last two songs. No clue what genres though. Expect Blues Traveler though.


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