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I’ve got two videos for you today (don’t worry, they’re short) They’re not even in the same musical genre, the theme today is street music. You’d be surprised what kind of talent you can find just strumming away on the street corner (and I don’t just say that because I myself am a street musician!)

Flamenco Guitar Jam-Random Spaniards

Flamenco guitar is, like jazz, another genre I really want to dig into but haven’t. Flamenco frustrates me because in order to play it well, you need to grow the fingernails on your right hand out to serve as picks. I already specialize in American fingerstyle guitar however, which calls for short nails in order to pluck the strings with the finger-pads. I’ve tried making due learning to play Flamenco with short nails, but it really doesn’t sound nearly as good.

Blues Jam-Grandpa Elliot

This guy is just great. Blues is an extremely simple style of music, but goddamn if it isn’t a ton of fun.

Even though they’ve had little direct infuence on each other, Flamenco and the Blues are actually rather similar. Both are native folk styles of music coming out of the western harmonic tradition, both have a special harmonic form ubiquitous to the genre (Blues is known for the 12 bar blues progression, Flamenco for the Andalusian cadence), and both are primarily guitar and vocal based music. Also, both are awesome.


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