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It’s good to see you, Mack. Hope life isn’t weighing you down too much.

Of course, there are different severities of Asperger’s. If Fluttershy were to have it, it’d be hardly noticeable (I just think she’s anxious and shy. The creators probably exaggerated that to have the desired effect for the show.) But I think some people would like to ascribe Asperger’s to her, because then they would be able to relate to that character even more.

A few comments on various forums speak about having to deal with bullies, and those comments often say that Fluttershy was likely bullied herself like they had/have been (the show does supports that, but I don’t think it was due to being on the autistic spectrum.) Although rates of autism are on the rise in recent history, it’s still fairly rare for people to be able to relate to someone who has a lot of trouble understanding social cues and social situations.


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