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I was reading your convo with Verbose, and I just wanted to chime in. A lot of times when it comes to fictional characters the fact that a character has or does not have a disease (A DISEASE) isn’t really important. Not that I don’t think this discussion isn’t important because it is. A lot of times characters portray a personality that the writer possesses in certain situations, or they create a character with several traits that represent many people, so they may hold many traits. I think Fluttershy (I also do not watch the show so evaluation of my opinion is up to you) represents a general population that is anxious or obsessive because that brings balance to the show. How could you write a show about acceptance when all the characters more or less act the same. There are many people in the world like Fluttershy in many respects, and I think the writer of the show wants to show people how to embrace them for who they are.

Basically I think boiling her personality quirks down to Asperger’s does her as a character injustice. You’ve simplified her to a disease instead of recognizing her as a person/pony with many human qualities/or whatever. I share her introversion and avoidance of conflict, and I can relate to her on that, and that’s what’s important.


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