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I didn’t think you were putting them down. I just think that saying Fluttershy has Asperger’s is constrictive of her as a character and fails to encompass her role. Diagnosing her social issues with a single disease is over simplifying the message. Basically it perpetuates a common habit where the reader wants to classify a character when there’s much more nuance and depth that could be gleaned from not doing so. I wasn’t accusing you of anything, that’s just how I feel about that notion.

The message is that people are different and we should be mindful of those differences in our daily lives. The message is not to find the faults in someone and jump to diagnosing them, but to accept them and embrace them. Is it possible that Fluttershy has Asperger’s, of course. I just think by coming to that conclusion misses the mark on why she’s in the show.


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