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And here’s the sixth installment of the Music Buddies.

This time I decided to double it up too, since you were looking to get into some jazzy tunes.

First I want to introduce you to the soundtrack of Cowboy Bebop, and Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts. I seriously love the Big Band music of Cowboy Bebop, even though I have only watched the first few episodes of the show itself. There are naturally other artists on the soundtrack, but they’re not nearly as awesome as The Seatbelts.

What Planet is This!? – The Seatbelts

Best served with wild Blues Brothers styled police chase.

The other artist I really wanted to share today, goes by the name “tanigon”, who I know nothing else about. He/she has done tons of great jazzy remixes of the songs of the Touhou Project. There were several good songs to choose from, but I decided to choose the easygoing late night type piano jazz song (with a hint of bossa nova apparently).

This will also act as good relaxation for tomorrows rally.

Bloom About Midnight – tanigon


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