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Yeah, I have three deadlines that I’ll need to meet today or very soon tomorrow. Fortunately, a large bit of those tasks are completed.

As for Hanako, I don’t know much about Katawa Shoujo. But as a shy and reclusive character of any sort, then would guess that she could relate in the same manner.

I’ve spoken personally with a person who’s withdrawn himself, but he’s very open after a while. His transparency tends to support (anecdotally, at least) the need for emotional companionship among some people. To the point that it’s mothering. Again, I don’t know much about Hanako, but according to a quick overview of the Lilly (another character that was liked a lot,) she is very mothering herself.

I really do feel like being able to relate to a character or being mothered by the same character is a desire felt by a lot of people (in Web culture or elsewhere.) I think one ties to the other. A person who can relate to you can more readily sympathize with you. A person who is motherly is probably trying to feel for you and see to your needs.


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