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I thought about “What do I have that opspe might like but is still somewhat mainstream?”


I was going to cheat here and just hit you with the “last” track of the Mae (Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience) Everglow album, The Sun and the Moon, because it’s over 7:00 (I really like the song…4:28 on is a simple, repetitive progression, but it builds and builds and builds.) But in the case you really like the music, I didn’t want you to listen to it outside of the context of the rest of the album.

With “context” in mind, I figured I should start with the first track.

I haven’t heard a lot of albums all of the way through, but I have heard quite a bit of music. In terms of carrying me through an experience of emotions (granted, I was piecing a story together in my head while listening to it, so that probably helps), this is, by far, the best album I have heard.
(It was also marketed as a contemporary Christian album and hit number 1 in those charts, so a bit of a trollface there, but I didn’t even know that until I looked it up on Wikipedia. But keep that in mind if you’d rather not chance hearing a song with religious undertones.)


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