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Ah, then my apologies for the inconvenience and walking you through a genre you hate. At the very least, you have an idea of what I listen to and what I like. I don’t normally like contemporary Christian or indie rock, but I do like this album a lot. In any case, thanks for listening to all of the songs.

As for your final selection, it sorta washed over me as the song progressed. I wasn’t really expecting vocals, and the percussion had a different sound than what I had expected. I’m trying to think about the jazz influence there, but I’d say that it was very subtle. I’d call the vocals soulful with perhaps a touch of rasp.
I wonder if I should begin themes or “challenges” in the Music Buddies thread. I think we got started a little early, so I think everyone else should post their final songs tomorrow. I’d like to take a couple of days before seeing if people are interested in continuing with new partners or presenting new ideas.


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