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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Dangit, I’m disappointed I missed the music thing going on right now. There WERE downsides to the hiatus, I suppose.

I was under the impression you had played Katawa Shoujo. I guess not, but regardless, you are, in fact, right about that relationship between those who are emotionally needy and those who are emotionally generous (for our purposes, that’s the term I’ll use), though I’ve seen another response in some of my friends to such a personality: I’ve seen several very emotional people attracted to those who are more emotionally distant; my hypothesis being that they see either 1) an emotional anchor- one who’s not going to vary as wildly as they themselves might or 2) an emotional example, or someone they look up to or desire to be like.

Perhaps also to the timid is an instinctual, even innocent, desire to get the heck away from discomfort socially. I’m not talking about picking up on when to leave or keep quiet or anything, but sheer, uncontrolled panic that springs when their comfort is violated. The innocence is clearly seen when said individual reveals their more personable side behind closed doors. It’s why I think so many reclusive people light up when so far removed. There’s a very child-like, though not necessarily childish, warmth. At least, in my limited experience. Heck, I could be totally wrong. Still, thoughts?


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