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Vinyltavia Octyscratch
Vinyltavia Octyscratch

I don’t always get to talk to the friends i can on here… nor do I always visit their walls to post… sometimes I feel overburdened with friends, but at other times, I know that despite my regulars on my wall, i can say i’ve only scratched the surface on knowing who they really are… but yet, I always know that they will be my friend… and I… theirs.
Ric Tesla and Deadparrot have been there since the beginning… then along came other names such as AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken and Baluh. Daruque you are not forgotten… Platus… wonderful as well. Brainpeel, TY for all the fruit salad and friendship. Joe and Advance… you two are among the favorites as well as CrashFalcon, SeeroftheBronies, Rchamy, Super-Trollz0r, El Slinker, Bruelock… Vinticore… I miss you man… wish you were still here…
A post about friends… You know those who you value…despite my favoritism towards some… it is merely because i see them more often and talk to than others… Cartwright, you are not forgotten either, most recent friend.


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