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We’re here. The final day of Music Buddies. Like I said, I’ll return to folk-metal once again. But this time around, it’s a bit different.

The song by Turisas, which I linked earlier, represented the more epic type of folk-metal. But I’m actually a bigger fan of the more “humorous” and upbeat kind of folk-metal. Especially if they use unusual instruments. I cannot think of many bands that represent this genre, but the best examples I can come up with, are Korpiklaani and FinnTroll. Both bands often draw inspiration from the finnish folklore, and the mysteries of the forests (and their inhabitants).

I decided to go with Korpiklaani, since FinnTroll might be a bit harder to approach, unless you have a background involving metal. Personally I rate FinnTroll higher than Korpiklaani, but then on the other hand, FinnTroll’s my all time favourite band (and has been since I first listened to them).

And now for the song itself. Try to keep up with the tempo, and grab a few beers wile you’re at it.

Happy Little Boozer – Korpiklaani


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