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opspe can also attest to my own personal and irrational issues with anxiety. It’s a long, complicated complex of making sure I live up to my own self-perception of being intelligent. When presented with something that requires thought, it takes about half an hour or more before I’m comfortable with posting my thoughts; a somewhat “taxing” time period, even if I’m interested in the topic.

“I’ve seen several very emotional people attracted to those who are more emotionally distant; my hypothesis being that they see either 1) an emotional anchor- one who’s not going to vary as wildly as they themselves might or 2) an emotional example, or someone they look up to or desire to be like.”

Both are feasible, to be sure. That’s sorta getting at “complementary” romantic relationships. Where you’d be one thing and your significant other would be the opposite. However, those relationships don’t tend to work out very well in terms of the research I read.


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