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You heard my step by step analysis and love story with The System Is a Vampire last night, so I guess no feedback on it is needed, but I’d just like to repeat that I loved it.

The Herbaliser- Sonofanothamutha Very chill, very druggy, too. They’re one of the bands that puts the trip in triphop. But, I’ll warn you upfront it’s 8 minutes long…

Hideo Kobayashi- Almost There

Sixth Finger- Manantiales At Dawn It’s not really my thing, but my friend enjoys it immensely. Figured it was worth a shot because the simple drums and bass line are hypnotic.

Squirrel Nut Zippers- Ghost of Stephen Foster. I was doing a ton of work for my American Music class, and the name Stephen Foster popped up so many times, I couldn’t help but think of this song… Seeing this music video was like rediscovering it for some reason, so I thought I’d at least share it. They’re a relatively well known group (as far as a band as eclectic as they are could be), and I like a lot of their work!

Emancipator- Eve (what can I say? I love the guy’s work haha)


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