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About the songs you inboxed me:

Spiller’s song was good, but the video was absolute shit, you weren’t kidding about that.
The acoustic version of the Depeche Mode song was also really good.
The Submarines song was…okay. I didn’t really like the vocals for that.
The Emancipator song was, again, really good. I liked the samples he used – a lot. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to play through Soon It Will Be Cold Enough like I had intended. One day.
The Sam Sparro’s songs…again, not really my thing. The bassist is really damn good though.

Now I’m running out of ideas to share with you. Here are two. Let me know what other genres you’re interested in and I’ll procure some more songs.

Unquote – Cold Tenderness
Björk – Vökuró


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