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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

Yea, when I read the dialog. I read it in self-appointed voices.

Emi sounds a bit like Pinkie
Lilly speaks pleasant, calm, posh like the queen of england
Rin sounds boyish, deep and tired/unimpressed/sarcastic
Misha sounds like Misty except her laugh is more annoying

Oh gawd, what have you got me into Twins? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?

And yea I’ve managed to appropriate each character to a pony in exactly that way

Emi = Pinkie and Dash (fun and fast)
Hanako = Definitely Fluttershy. All the way Fluttershy
Rin = Bit of Applejack (she’s a solid worker) a bit of Spike (takes little seriously) a bit of Lyra (ambiguous personality) and a bit of Zecora (outsider)
Lilly = Celestia (so upper class)
Shizune = Twilight and Dash (all business and very competitive)
Misha = All the way Pinkie

When I get to the end of Emi’s storyline, I’ll warn you about any feels I encounter.

As for all the Twins/BSOD shipping, it doesn’t really phase me. Ivan and RMan can do whatever. I don’t care what happens either (It’s only jokes right?). People just like having something to draw and you happen to be a great inspiration to us all


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