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>youre on the internet, your favorite forum
>you see someone new, someone who claims to be a woman
>so you greet her in the typical internet way of greeting women
>you ask her why shes not in the kitchen
>she says she has a right not to be in the kitchen if she doesnt want to be
>also she says shes not just a woman, shes a witch
>so dont mess with her
>you laugh
>you tell her to stfu and make you a sandwich
>she says k
>then you start to feel strange
>you are shrinking
>your skin feels like its turning to bread
>your head, arms, and legs vanish
>a crust forms around you
>your insides turn to meat, cheese, and veggies
>finally it stops
>you are a sandwich
>you cannot move because you are a sandwich
>you cannot type because you are a sandwich
>a few hours later, your dog eats you
>but youre happy
>you told a female on the internet to make you a sandwich
>and she did

Wrote it myself. _


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