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But some people become friends with other people, because they’re serious. Some people become friends with others because they aren’t super intellectual and they appreciate that as an intellectual.

I do believe that

But at the same time, I wrote a long time ago in high school that people become and stay friends based upon similarities. Even if there were difference, then they probably wouldn’t come up as much as things the friends agreed upon. At the very least, you have to respect how they’ve come to that opinion or some attribute about that person.

But I doubt that many people would stay in a romantic relationship with a person that they disagreed with so much or clashed with so often unless that relationship was serving a purpose beyond being with a person only because you loved them.

That’s all speculation though.

As for structural and psychosocial factors being at work, I am trained in the social sciences. There are always other psychosocial factors at work. We are humans subjected to them for various reasons. But it’s hard to say for sure without knowing the couple myself.


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