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Lord Vordred
Lord Vordred

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(Heaven-Piercing Gurren Lagann): Althought I am not a big fan of the anime i somehow ended watching it.
The story begins with Simon and his brother Kamina, the humanity is now forced of living underground in dark caves filled with earthquakes which killed Simon’s Parents in different part of the earth because in the surface lurks dangerous and evil robots known as ’’Gunmen’’(Which you see in early parts of the video) and piloted by beast-like creatures known as ’’Beastmen’’(Made by Lordgenome,the helix king, one of the main antagonists for part of the series) killing all who reach the surface; Kamina(Kami means above in japanese) went to the surface once as a child when his father took him there; so his main desire is to always go above, to the surface, and to the heavens!
One day, while simon was digging in the tunnels for food and shits, he finds a wierd-looking face in a cave with a mini drill inside it, he calls kamina and them they name the wierd face ’’Lagann’’, and they try to use it to try again to go to the surface but ,as soon as they were going to, a giant machine comes from above to kill everyone in the cave (It was a Gunmen), also there comes a girl called Yoko to try to destroy the Gunmen, after some fighting, Simon piloted Lagann and drilled the Gunmen strongly enough to fly to the surface.


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