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angstyHoodie OPERATOR
angstyHoodie OPERATOR

Anyone from Peta who was involved with this game, on the small chance that you come across this, you missed the point entirely.

For starters, the Pokemon are hardly animals. Far more intelligent than real world animals (and shouldn’t you be helping them instead of video game monsters?)

You should think of your Pokemon as, using the military as an example, your Battle Buddy. It is shown that people in service that fight together in squads, forces, or just two people, are drawn together, and often stay friends even after they leave service. This is how I, and most gamers, see Pokemon. You’re fighting alongside your team, facing off against evil like Team Rocket.

In other words, this

is very similar to this.

And that is what Pokemon is about; achieving friendship with a, not an animal, but a creature who might as well be a human in a way that can only be done with these creatures or other solders in war.

But my analogy may not make much sense unless you were born into a military family, always seeing mom and dad’s old battle buddies around.


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