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Mack TheUnoriginal
Mack TheUnoriginal

Ack! I haven’t responded to your posts in days! That’s like years in internet time!

Sorry for my seriously delayed response; I’ve had some crap going on. For example, I have a kinda/sorta date soon (not that I’m BRAGGING or anything….[yeah, I’m bragging. I’m excited, bro]).

But yes! I’ve been intentional about having a social life, which, though certainly a good thing to breed, limits both time spent and interest maintained by internetting heavily, though I certainly did not mean for our correspondence to suffer so, and I apologize for it.

Anyway, people and relationships fascinate me, if you couldn’t tell. Economics is one subject I actually enjoy studying quite a lot because it is, in a broad sense, a study of behavior and choice. Sociology is not something I’ve ever gotten a detailed description of, though I assume from the title the meaning’s pretty straightforward.


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