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Fun Police
Fun Police

I’ll apologize as well. Thing is, like I said in my post, I don’t like posting in threads the creation of which display intention by the original poster of trolling or spamming the forums. But when I saw that a reply had already been posted, it seemed almost customary just to provide my own thoughts. I hope you don’t think of me as ignorant for thinking this way, but it felt as though a contour had been put in place, and that it made it matter just a little bit less. From experience both in the real world and in multiple online communities, I know that when somebody breaks the mold, the tension is no longer there, so I felt maybe on this occasion it might be a marginally better idea to reply. Just a mistake. Oh well, this will be a lesson for the next time.

Once again, my apologies, and hopefully everything will go smoothly between the two of us moving forward.


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