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Hello, My name is Chezypuuf. About a year ago I left a sarcastic comment in this thread. My friend told me to go back and read the following comments. I required a new screen name to read them as my old one became blocked. I really hope You folks didn’t take anything i said seriously. I mean this is a website about internets. I should hope we are all very aware of such obvious trolling. My comment was sarcastic in nature referring to the many comments about Jane I see here, and on youtube where someone will write “OMG your so beautiful”. There’s a lot of fawning over her, considering most people will never even meet her. I hope this comment restores your faith in me Jane. If it hasn’t, then I guess i’ll just CHOP MY DICK OFF TO PROOVE MY LUV!!!!11 I"LL do it! I’ll do anything!!!!1 ARE YOU EVEN LSITENIGN TO MEH!!!1?


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