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“Ack! I haven’t responded to your posts in days! That’s like years in internet time!”

As you can tell, my sense of time is…odd.

I wouldn’t worry about it. When things gets hectic for me, I withdraw so as to make everything as manageable as possible. IRL or Internet, it usually means that most of my interactions with people go south (which happened in the past few weeks, and it might keep up for a few more weeks.)

And if you have/had a date coming up, then I can’t blame you. I imagine it’s a great feeling to really like someone and for them to like you enough to go out with you. I hope it goes/went well.
Sociology is fairly straightforward: you study groups of people. It’s different from psychology in that psych focuses on the mind or the individual, and sociology focuses on group dynamics. In the sociology camp, I’m a symbolic interactionist, meaning that identity, perceived identity, shared understandings and definitions, and stuff like that are important in how I structure my explanations of humans.
Oh, and you might be interested in game theory. It pulls from economics to help explain behavior. I once had a truly riveting conversation with a mathematician about artificial intelligence, and it revolved around game theory. Sociology also uses game theory a bit especially in sociological social psychology (basically, using sociological concepts to explain interactions between people.)


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