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MIMU, Twilit Prince
MIMU, Twilit Prince

in reply to Necro910: That Krieger Dude

I am a collosal Midna fan. I have her as my comment/forum avatars and desktop background. However, I don’t create half-asses Midnafied versions of everything ever. If something’s out there, chances are that somebody has shooped a pony head on somebody or something.

To put this in perspective, let’s say something you hated, for the sake of argument, Ryan Reynolds, was placed on everything. Every time you expressed your annoyance at somebody making a Reynold-fied reaction gif, or Youtube video or what the hell ever, you get chastised with comments like “I didn’t people still cared about what others watched.”

We don’t care what you watch. We care about having things shoved down out throats and being called the bad guy for not liking it.


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