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Well, I try to make sense. I can’t promise there’s any truth to what I say, but again, I try to not sound like an idiot.
And yes, game theory. You may also want to look into “tit for tat.” Basically, computer programs were put into a simple series of games of reneging or cooperating, and the program (called “tit for tat,”) won by cooperating, when defecting would get you more points.

As for the date situation, that sounds unfortunate. I can’t really offer advice without knowing you or the girl better than I do, but if it’s been 4 or 5 days, then I don’t think it would be considered creepy to ask her out again. There comes a point where an adult can say “Yes” or “No,” and prompting a person you want to go out with to make that decision isn’t too much to ask. But I do understand why you’d be hesitant. I’d trust your judgement in determining if she absolutely doesn’t want to go out again (in which case, I wouldn’t ask) or if you’re not sure (in which case, I probably would.)


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