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Anime is Trash
Anime is Trash

Ok, I’ve figured out some shit about the fanfic I’ve said about before.

If some of you is interested, here’s some spoilers:
--Fluttershy will be the main character.
--It will be my first and probably last MLP fanfic. It will be quite short, probably no more than ten chapters.
--I’ll write it originally in English, which honestly I’ve never done before ;D I don’t think I’ll publish it on the Internet, since my English is very bad, but I may do so if people want it.
--It’ll cross-over with universe.
--There will be no shipping, R34 or so. Only blood and murder.
--At least four of the mane6 ponies will die. I won’t tell you which ones will, but I guess y’all can figure that out yourself. I plan on killing five ponies overall, no non-ponies will be harmed.
--It’ll be no gore, at least in the way I define “Gore” – no flying kidneys, lots o’ guts or hectoliters of blood. I’ll try to make it more realistic, like, whom I don’t consider “Gore” at all.
--It will be bloody, though!
--I don’t have a title for it yet. I thought of “Slaughtershy”, but it might be already taken. I will think of that later…


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