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Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter
Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter

Never assumed you did have a problem with homosexuality. You’re not a homophobe if you don’t like watching Yuri or Yaoi :P

Still, sadly, Yuri is taboo in Japan, which is why you’re usually left with fake real life porn (Lots of them even have fake titles claiming there are lesbians in them, but don’t) and subtext anime. It’s very rare to get animes like Yuri Yuru which is clearly about girls liking each other, but, once again, it’s accepted, it’s even got it’s own TV trope called “Class S” meaning girls who like girls as adolescences but are expected to grow out of it by the time they are adults and are considered immature if they don’t. It’s weird. It doesn’t help Japan’s birth rate is really low….

Still, we can talk about other things apart from Yuri! What are you into particularly? I’m a games man, also do a lot of tabletop game reading, like Warhammer and stuff. Long story why I do it…..


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