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Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter
Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter

That’s pretty cool you collected 40k Orks. Can you guess what 40k army I want to collect? I wanted to get an Orc and Goblin army after I completed my Lizardmen (I won’t) and use the Limited Edition Collectors Orc & Goblin Special Character I got from Warhammer Online Collectors Edition.It’s a pretty awesome ubits. Shame GW didn’t make rules for them.

So, what PC you getting? You building it yourself? Dishonoured was an awesome game and well worth the money. Very fun and satisfying. Multiple endings depending on what you do and stuff… Lots of fun achievements to get, but I failed he hardest one due to stupid bugs. Also, you’re just like me, I play for the story. It’s why I normally play RPG’s on easy, unless, it’s too easy… In order to avoid stupid fights and stuff and just enjoy the game. The Witcher 2 is one of the greatest games ever and a fantastic RPG. I really should complete it again since the upgrade game it an extra couple more hours worth of game-play and stuff, but didn’t allows you to use old saves. Which sucked.


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