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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

Ah but did you catch my irrational sarcasm? (My grandad trusting strangers, lol) I know you’ll be fine :)

So you’re going for the medical industry at your uni I take it? Unfortunately I am not sure who Semmelweis is. You need to enlighten me. Note: I may get lost on any medical lingo (But I suppose that makes for a good counter for whenever I utter incomprehensible technology lingo)

And yea, my family migrated from Los Angeles to here because my mother wanted to be closer to her side of the family, all of whom are native Kiwi’s. But you can still find my dads side of the family in Cali and Oregon.

PS: Starting on Rins storyline after ending Emi’s. Funny thing: to get to Rins side, I did the exact opposite of everything I did to reach Emi.

And Emi’s story has feels…oh god the feels…I actually (literally) shed a manly tear at one point. When I complete Rins story I can compare the two and inform you of impending feel.


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