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>Makes entire video begging for sympathy after his dad died
>“I was more saddened by this movie than my father’s death”

>Blames Christians for the Holocaust
>“Transformers fans should be put into concentration camps”

>And his comments about rape…
>“I will make you a rape victim if you don’t fuck off.”
>“BTW, you have to admit, when I told you that I hope you drown in rape semen, you got a little wet, didn’t you? It’s okay. We’re friends now. You can share.”
>“Fuck you, liar. All night you douches have tried to shit on me and tear me down. Then when I do the same it’s like, “Whoa man! That’s too far. Calm down.” No. Fuck you. Go get raped in whatever orifice you have to get fucking raped in. I am sick of your shit. I regret nothing.”
>“I’m pretty sure I could rape you without getting killed if it was really on my agenda. I mean, you didn’t kill the first guy, right?”

I think it’s safe to say TJ is about the worst person who ever lived.


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