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How can gay be so negative while bisexual is positive? And why isn’t there a difference between gays and lesbians? In my experience lesbians are often more accepted than gays.
Why are northern europeans more privileged than central/western europeans?
Why are jews more privileged than christians?
How are you supposed to calculate your income if you live in a country with very different costs of living compared the US?
Why are scientists so underprivileged? And how can someone who doesn’t even have a job be more privileged?

Kirbamena Dianie Pie
Kirbamena Dianie Pie

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About the lesbians and gays, I agree.
About European countries… I’m Spanish, and my country is full of douchebags.
I agree with you on every other thing.
Although on the last, “none” may reffer to students (because a thing such as “unemployment” doesn’t exist in this guy’s mind), and the fact that scientists and professors are seen as sociopathic smartasses and policemen as fatasses who don’t do shit. I don’t understand the fireman one, though


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I also agree on the sexual orientation. There are differences in the way people are seen depending on where they’re from, on the other hand this varies depending on where they are.
Jews are not more privileged than Christians.

The careers really do get me. Maybe this is cultural, but when it comes to police, in the united states they can shoot people and no matter how much video evidence there is that they just shot a defenseless person they can claim it was self defense and hide behind their badge. If that’s not privilege I don’t know what is.

Scientists, it depends on the science. What it comes down to, and this is true of any occupation that it’s hard for most people to understand. If you’re a tech guy or a theoretical scientist, people are going to doubt that what you do for a living is actually valuable.

Firemen, EMTs, they typically are seen as heroes, and can do no wrong. Nurses and teachers on the other hand, they don’t get a lot of credit and are typically disrespected and generally considered unimportant. At least that’s the case in the U.S.


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