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Advancing Ignatian-Mystic
Advancing Ignatian-Mystic

For whatever reason, I just checked the YouTube page for that video this dumbass has on his KYM page. Apparently, this guy (evidently named “Tommy Parky”) is a major-league mental retard who thinks he’s with the government and that he has some kind of authority to “arrest and detain” trolls. He’s made like, 5 different accounts on YouTube that have all gotten the crap trolled out of them (leading him to make a new one after each trolling attack).

Seriously, somebody should stop this guy from getting his hands on a computer before he gets pushed to the point of an-heroing himself (although that might not be such a bad thing…)

To address the retard in question directly, I have a much better solution for you when it comes to dealing with trolls. In fact, allow me to express it in the form of a song:


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