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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Result of boredom. I just wanted to create a 3d mesh of something pony-related. I didn’t do the teeth of the chainsaw, ‘cause it’d be too much work. Also, it’s made to be low poly, but the screw is actually pretty detailed. Without that, triscount wouldn’t probably reach 250.
And yes, I can’t do good textures, ‘cause I suck in 2D. And no, it’s not rendered, it’s viewport screen cap.

Any of you guys have any idea what can I model next? I want to make something pony-related, but there’s not really much things to do. I preffer doing small items instead of mobs like monsters, people or so.

And, in case you’re wondering how this chainsaw is pony-related. Well…


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