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Okay, Alan Wake…

It’s a psychological action thriller made by Remedy Entertainment (the same company who made Max Payne 1 and 2).
It has a great atmosphere, an amazing story-line, and it has a rather deep world for a single-player game.
Well not exactly scary (in my opinion), there are few jump-scares, combat can become quite intense, and you will be fearing for your life when crossing the dark woods.
While it has a serious tone most of the times, there are few funny moments in it too, and few moments made of pure awesome…

The American Nightmare, while being more action-orientated, is still quite enjoyable, in my opinion. Also, it gives more details about the story of Alan Wake.
Plus it has one of the greatest villains in recent gaming…


So yeah, I full-heartily recommend the series…

More music in yo face!


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